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• A Good Performance all round
A perfect balance of mystique, incredible scenery, fairy tale and a dash of authentic realism of how life may have been.
This film requires concentration on all levels by the viewer.

Bravo Keisha Bravo Niki
By picnz

We ignored the critics – and often do and took off during the day to see this film yesterday. Whilst there are some scenes that we could see what some of the critics were saying, for the majority of the film we were completely swept away. One piece of advice is let this film wash over you with a good glass of red, it is stunning on screen and the international cast are a delight. The film is incredibly sensual and you will not be dissapointed
By blackwhiteandcolour

• Wonderful Vintners Luck
This film is simply stunning and we should be so proud its a NZ film. Great performance from Keisha and the other strong leads. Its looks wonderful and is a great emotional journey
By Missy

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